WES Area 8

Welcome to The Western Equestrian Society Website for

 Kent, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex.

WES: An All Breed Society

The Western Equestrian Society (WES) was formed in 1985 to promote the discipline of Western Riding to the standard as practised in the United States. 

We promote the sport for enthusiasts at all levels, whether pure beginners or seasoned competitors.  You can enjoy all of our ridden activities with ANY breed of horse or pony.  Members participate with Highland ponies, Welsh ponies and cobs, traditional cobs, Haflingers, Arabians and also the various western breeds. In fact, you name the breed and there’s probably a WES member out there riding it in a western saddle!


WES AREA 8 Diary Dates


I have started putting 2015 dates on the calendar so take a look.

The next  event is the area 8 AGM Saturday 17 January 2015